Special orders

Because Clipper Retail has been providing retail display accessories for over forty years, we are experts in developing bespoke solutions with our retail partners. 

Custom ranges

From custom printed pricing labels to complete installations of retail fixtures and fittings, whatever your challenge, Clipper Retail can deliver a solution that works for you. 

Speciality items

If you want to order something in our range branded with your logo or corporate colours, then please let us know. Many of our standard lines can be customised to your requirements. We also provide speciality items, such as sequentially numbered logistics security seals, that can be barcoded and printed with your logo upon request.

Bespoke service

Because many our special-order items come in all shapes and sizes, with most requiring a bespoke fitting service, they are often available to order by enquiry only. We’ve worked with some of the biggest retailers across the UK to rollout fitouts across multiple branches. You can be confident that Clipper Retail can supply your needs, no matter how many locations you might have.

Expert installation

Our professional installation team will attend your stores in person, appraise your individual needs and challenges, then provide a free no-obligation quote for whatever it is that you need. From display fixtures and fittings, through to suspended signage and security systems, our expert staff will ensure you are supported every step of the way.

Special items in stock now

We also stock a wide range of special-order products, ready to fit in your stores. Special items – such as shelf-edging, hanging display and security systems – that our expert team can supply and install in your stores as soon as you need them.

Global supply chain

If we do not have what you need in stock, at Clipper Retail we are always willing to help you source a solution to meet your needs. Our global supply chain gives us access to manufacturing facilities all over the world, so we can work with you to develop new or replicate existing solutions as you require. Our significant global buyer power will also help us ensure that you always get what you need at the best possible price.

Let's talk shop.

No matter what you need, we want to hear from you today. We always have an expert member of our team standing by, ready to talk through your custom requirements, so get in touch and let's talk shop today.

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